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Bethany Gower

Advanced Sports Therapist

Lecturer Chichester University

Beth is an experienced Sports Therapist with bundles of energy and always positive with a smile on her face. She splits her time between treating patients and also lecturing on the undergraduate Sports Therapy program at Chichester University.

Alongside her Sports Therapy degree Beth is a qualified personal trainer and pilates instructor. Beth utilises this knowledge and experience to help keep exercise rehabilitation as one of the main components to her patients treatment. Beth offers 1 to 1 pilates instruction to those that may not be injured but want to prevent injury or focus on core control.

Most recently Beth has started to lecture at Chichester University, focusing on the upper limb and helping the next generation of Sport Therapists learn vital skills from a practising therapist.

Away from the clinic Beth is extremely active, having completed a triathlon, plays in a local netball league and regularly dances. If you have met Beth you will know her other passion is dogs! She certainly has an extra wide smile anytime a patient brings in a four legged friend with them!


Get to know Beth

Specialist Sports




Proudest career achievement 

Graduating with a First Class Honours degree from University.

Inspired by

Dave! I am always inspired by the care and consideration he gives everyone of his patients and his endless supply of knowledge!

Fun Fact

I used to compete in Judo and then swapped to dance! Complete change of sport and have never gone back to Judo .... yet?!

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