We have been treating patients with shockwave since 2014 and were one of the first Physiotherapists in the area to begin using the treatment. It's primary use is in the treatment of tendon injuries and areas of scar tissue. It disrupts the adhesions that form in these tissues from repetitive use and limit improvement from exercise and other interventions. Post shockwave treatment it is vital to work at strengthening the area, a stage that many practioniers are not completing with patients and why we have superior outcomes.

We have had some great results including a patient with plantar fasciitis for 8 years that saw a 95% improvement after having shockwave treatment, as well as numerous other cases of patients that feel they have tried every option but only seen improvements once trialling shockwave. 


Early application of cold and compression following injury or exercise helps to reduce bleeding, inflammation, pain, metabolism, blood flow and oedema.

Subsequent regular treatments can also help to reduce an excessive inflammatory response, which can ease side effects and accelerate recovery.

The S1 gives a true understanding of the state and condition of the tissue. It adjusts continuously to deliver and maintain the prescribed temperature. 

The result: Faster recovery and pain relief due to consistent, unrivalled therapy delivery to the entire treatment area.

One of the major issues post surgery when unable to weight bare is the loss of muscle. Muscle stimulation helps to address that and keep the muscle as active as possible by sending a small electric current to stimulate the muscle into contracting. Later on in rehabilitation muscle stimulation can also be used to maximise strength gains.

We also hire out our Compex 4.0 machine and this is a great option if you have surgery scheduled and are going to be immobilised for a period of time afterwards.

£50 for one week rental




Dave has been one of the pioneering physiotherapists for vibration therapy as a treatment in the UK. Many of us have seen similar machines in the gym but not many really understand why they can be so beneficial especially in terms of rehabilitation. 

Similar to the muscle stimulation the vibration plates cause involuntary muscle contractions and stimulate muscular activity and growth of muscle. The Hypervibe plates we use are side alternating which makes them more functional and a lot more comfortable than most you would have tried before. We use the plates when trying to return muscle function, as part of strengthening programs and in muscle activation work. We also have a number of home version plates that can be rented for the course of your injury or permanently purchased.


Rental for £50 a week

Dry needling

Tom has been practising dry needling for over 4 years, a treatment that has similar principles to acupuncture but works locally on muscle. It was a technique adapted by modern therapists who were seeing the benefits of acupuncture but believed it worked for a different reason than explained in Chinese medicine.

It is best used to release trigger points in deep muscle that massage therapy struggles to effect. For example piriformis or gluteals around the hip or multifidus and quadratus lumborum in the lower back. It forms part of a whole treatment approach that may include taping, stretching, strengthening and so is not recommended to have as an exclusive treatment but is a technique we have had some fantastic results with.


Hypervolt is a cordless state-of-the-art vibration massage device. Its main functions are to relieve muscle stiffness, soreness and increases circulation. Designed to improve the range of motion and the overall health of the body’s soft tissue.

The Hypervolt is a great tool for stubborn trigger pointed areas that require more than soft tissue massage alone. The Hypervolt has different attachments in order to work on areas such as the posterior shoulder, lower back, glutes or quads.

Video feedback

As physiotherapists we are always studying movement and giving people feedback on what they can improve. Handheld tablets have helped the way we can do this by showing patients a video and analysing the movements showing them exactly what we are looking to improve upon. We do this with gait (walking/running) as well as key body movements such as squatting, lunging and rotating.

The tablets are also great to show people in depth the muscle, joint or ligament anatomy they have injured. By showing them the exact area of complaint and what it controls patients have a much better understanding on what the problem is and what they can do to aid in its rehabilitation.


We are all aware than muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints can all be the source or factor in our injury. However the connective tissue or 'fascia' that lines our muscles is often overlooked but can be a big contributing factor. If this tissue has reduced mobility that the muscle and other tissues underneath with be restricted. 

Cupping is a therapy that has been used for many years, often with hot cups that can create significant bruising. However the cupping that we use is an adapted treatment using a small hand help pump to suck the air out of the cup lifting the skin and underlying fascia to help improve its mobility. With so many treatments compressing an area cupping has been really effective to alleviate pressure and one that has received a lot of positive feedback from our patients.

Game ready

Most of us are aware of the R.I.C.E principle (rest, ice, compression, elevation) the game ready helps you achieve all these at once. A fitted cuff surrounds the area being treating ensuring the cryotherapy encapsulates the region. The cuff then cycles between inflating and deflating to manually shift unwanted inflammation and ease pain.

Used by virtually every professional athlete to aid rehabilitation, post operatively, reduce acute swelling or as a recovery strategy the Game Ready system helps to reduce pain and inflammation of acute injuries.

Our GameReady unit is available for rental to help you maximise your cryotherapy (ice) treatment at home and speed up your recovery.

£75 for one week rental