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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Arrangements 

Clinic return phases and expected timelines

What to expect at your next face to face consultation 

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Video Consultations

The exercise plans are sent to you via email and can be accessed by your phone, laptop or tablet. They explain clearly with written text, pictures and videos how to perform each exercise. You can record your progress, repetitions and durations. We can provide exercises based on what you have access to, from a few bits of exercise equipment such as weights or resistance bands to no equipment at all.

For those in higher risk categories we are continuing to offer video consultations.


We obviously can't do hands on treatment (we're not that clever yet) but we can advise about your injury, demonstrate and send you exercises through our online exercise system to complete at home and show you self treatment techniques. These appointment can be for a new or existing injury. Consultations will last up to 30 minutes.



Urgent appointments available in clinic a prior video call to assess eligibility is required.

Non urgent appointments via video consultation.

Phase 2

Face to face appointments in the clinic for Physiotherapy only. Appointments available for both existing and new patients.

Self paying and private medical insurance patients accepted.

Less patients in the clinic at one time

PPE worn by patients and staff

Strict disinfecting procedures followed

Phase 3

Face to face appointments available for all treatment types  (i.e physiotherapy, massage, runfit) in clinic for new and existing patients.

Less patients in the clinic at one time

PPE worn by patients and staff

Strict disinfecting procedures followed


VIRTUAL still available

We are still offering virtual appointments for those unable to attend face to face appointments.

Risk Assessment

If eligible to attend an appointment patients must submit a risk assessment before treatment.

Clinic protocol

Please watch the video below about what to expect when you visit us at the clinic.

Book online

The easiest way to book is via the online system, showing you every appointment currently available.

Hypervibe vibration plates for sale

With the new social distancing measures that have come into force many gyms have been required to shut. However keeping active at this time is still vitally important. Vibration plates are a great way to get a whole body workout. We have two home versions available a Hypervibe G17 and a Hypervibe G10. We are able to deliver the machines to you if required. Both machines are nearly new and in excellent condition. The Hypervibe App gives set workout programs or we can produce you a tailor made exercise routine.


Hypervibe G17 (Left) - £2,250

RRP £3,395

Vibration frequency 5-35Hz

Vibration acceleration 17G 

Machine size(mm) 715(w) x 818(d) x 1355 (h)



Hypervibe G10 (Above) - £750

RRP £895

Vibration frequency 5-25Hz

Vibration acceleration 10G 

Machine size(mm) 655(w) x 395(d) x 150 (h)


Contact us on 01202 611 244 or email for more information.

Therapist Contact Details

If you wish to contact your therapist directly please see below the correct email address to do so.