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A higher level of outcome

The Intensity program is the premium offering at Physio Fitness.


A concept constructed by Dave Mott our managing director and lead physiotherapist. 


Built from years of experience and the rehabilitation of thousands of patients.

The program is tailored to the individual, drawing on the expertise of Dave and the Physio Fitness clinic's unrivalled resources and latest medical technology.

Based around the care elite athletes receive it allows treatment without any limitations.

What clients are suited to Intensity? 

A long term injury that  is impacting on daily lifestyle, mood and activity enjoyment

Potentially received multiple previously unsuccessful treatments 

Willing to commit 100% dedication on returning to full fitness.

Able to devote the required time to treatment potentially requiring daily hourly treatments.

What makes intensity different

Dorset's premier sports physiotherapist 

Dave Mott has been a physiotherapist for over 30 years and has worked with some of the country's leading athletes during that time. Michael Owen (football), Nigel Mansell (Motorsport) and Geneva Mentor (Netball) are just some of the patients that have trusted Dave's advice and treatment skills. He will lead your treatment and work with you to achieve your desired aims, whether that be to return to sport or to regain a pain free lifestyle.

Industry leading medical technology

At Physio Fitness we are always appraising the best medical approaches for given conditions, this philosophy has helped keep us constantly working with innovative technology to gain better outcomes for our patients. From being only the second clinic in the UK to begin treating with the groundbreaking MBST technology,  to utilising the latest cryotherapy advances. Clients on the intensity programs will have access to the full range of treatments available at the clinic.  

Elite athlete approach

One of the key concepts of the intensity program is the complete individualised approach

Some of the treatments at PhysioFitness 

Joint Mobilisation/Manipulation

Western Acupuncture (Dry Needling)

Vibration Plate Training

Kinesiology and Dynamic Taping

Soft Tissue Techniques

Rehabilitation Gym Exercise

Compex Muscle Stimulation

Gait Re-education

GameReady Ice Compression

Shockwave Therapy & Ultrasound

Biomechanics Alterations

Percussion Therapy 

Frequently asked questions

I haven't seen my GP or a consultant can I still come for an appointment?  

ABSOLUTELY! In many cases it is better to come straight to us then we can get you on the path to full fitness quicker

I have private medical insurance can you treat me?

YES we can indeed, we are registered with all major private healthcare insurers just let us know when you book. You need to contact your insurer first to gain a authorisation number and find your policy number.  Let us know these numbers on the phone or when choosing the private medical insurance option through online booking write the policy number and authorisation number in the notes.

I have never been to a physio before, what should I wear?

You should wear clothes you are comfortable exercising in as we may want to utilise the rehabilitation gym. In the treatment room you should wear clothing that means we can accurately assess the area of the body we are treating, for example wearing shorts for a lower limb injury or a top with straps for a shoulder injury.

I have a very busy schedule how long will my session be?

Your first session will be 60 minutes* and then most follow up sessions will be 30 minutes unless otherwise suggested.

*all sessions covered by private medical insurance are 30 minutes including the initial appointment 

I would like to book an appointment for my son or daughter who is under 18 is this possible?

Definitely, however under 18's must always have an adult present for their first appointment

Will you be able to tell me how many appointments I might need?

Sure, we do our best to give you an idea of how many sessions and how often you will need to come to see us. This may change as your injury progresses but we have flexible payment plans. You can pay for sessions as you go or make it cheaper and buy all you sessions upfront and best thing is, they don't expire! Even if we get you better before you have had all your pre bought sessions you can use them at a later date for further physiotherapy or any of our other services like sports massage.