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Magnetic Resonance Cell Regeneration Therapy

Degenerative conditions or 'wear and tear' such as Osteoarthritis have long been managed by physiotherapy. By Physiotherapy and strengthening supporting structures we can improve pain and quality of life but we couldn't affect the internal process of the condition. MBST is changing that narrative.

MBST therapy via magnetic resonance stimulates the regeneration of cells meaning they will continue to grow and develop by themselves halting the degenerative process and helping the constant regeneration of new cells that healthy tissue performs. This by itself will cause great improvements but pair that with our traditional treatments of physiotherapy and muscle strengthening and you have the potential for life improving results.

It offers a comfortable, uncomplicated and sustainable therapy, and in several cases has eliminated the need for surgery.

MBST Cell Regeneration is highly recommend for 




Spinal degeneration

and disc injuries


Cartilage, Tendon and Ligament

degeneration and damage

How does MBST work?

Nobel Prize winning science

The 2017 Nobel Prize winning chronobiologists identified the significance of the Circadian Rhythm on health. This is our body's internal cycle that regulates all our physiological and biological processes. They found cell regeneration, that is the healthy production of new tissue that should constantly happen, is enhanced considerably when the rhythm runs smoothly. 

Throughout life, internal and external factors can influence and destabilise the circadian rhythm which can disrupt our body’s cell regenerative ability. This is one of the processes seen in conditions such as Osteoarthritis, the body inability to regenerative damaged tissues.


MBST technology has demonstrated an active influence on the circadian rhythm* and is the only treatment that has been shown to directly stimulate the body’s regenerative processes at molecular level. 

It is this research that really confirmed to us if we want to continue to offer our patients the best treatments for their health and injury recovery then we had to offer MBST therapy.

*Nuclear magnetic resonance affects the circadian clock

R Oliva, B Jansen, F Benscheidt… - Biological Rhythm …, 2019 - Taylor & Francis

9 Session Treatment Course
7 Session Treatment Course
Chronic tendon injury
Chronic muscle damage
Cervical Spine (Neck) Osteoarthritis
Thoracic Spine (Mid Spine) Osteoarthritis
Lumbar Spine (Lower back) Osteoarthritis
Intervertebral Disc Damage
Shoulder Osteoarthritis
Hip Osteoarthritis
Knee Osteoarthritis
Post surgery recovery
Chronic ligament damage

We strongly recommend that you have physiotherapy sessions (to include strengthening, stability and flexibility) for the most effective results. Your physiotherapist will discuss these options with you at your first appointment.

Treatment is delivered for a total of 9 hours, 60 minutes at a time.

Treatment is delivered over 9 consecutive days - At current we are the only UK clinic offering MBST 7 days a week.

We have created a bespoke easy access treatment room located downstairs. Whilst having treatment you can relax, read or watch that series television series you have been meaning to! We have set up in the treatment room to include catch up TV service including Netflix, Amazon Prime and Iplayer.

MBST Testimonials