Rehabilitation Studio

Mobility, flexibility, strength and stability are key factors when returning from any injury. We have always prided ourselves on being therapists that look at these principles in detail in order to return our patients back to activity as soon as possible. Whether that be a walk in the Purbecks or international contact sport. We expanded our rehabilitation area in 2021 to include a rehabilitation space, a cardiovascular area and a high performance lifting area.


Our main rehabilitation area is supplied with equipment from NOHRD, beautifully handcrafted wooden exercise equipment that draws on the origins of physiotherapy. The following equipment is in our main rehabilitation are.

- Hand crafted wooden and steel dumbbells up to 20kg

- Cable resistance

- Swing weights

- Water resisted wobble board

- Core and yoga mats

- Wooden bars and tricep dip bars

- Swiss balls

- Resistance bands

- Hypervibe Vibration Training


Whilst our high performance area uses air resisted Keiser equipment to work a multifunctional movements and the ability to work at technical lifts included olympic lifting. This area is specifically designed to return athletes to sport in the final stages by working at power and explosive strength.