We treat injuries from the moment they occur right through to return to fitness. Our approach to physiotherapy is hands on, assessing your problem and treating you based on your individual requirements. From mobilisation work to taping, strengthening to stretching, we thoroughly explain every step of the process ensuring you understand your injury and treatment.


We go beyond just the short term, we make sure you have the strategies after your rehabilitation to ensure you stay fit. Whether you have a recent acute injury or an ailment that you have been struggling with for years we are confident that we can get you where you want to be.

Initial Physiotherapy Assessment (60 minutes)- from £67


Follow Up Treatment (30 minutes) - from £57

(Blocks of treatment can be purchased for a discounted rate)

We accept patients from all major private healthcare insurances including BUPA, AXA, AVIVA and WPA


Our therapists are all expertly trained in deep tissue sports massage, able to release tension and improve performance. Deep tissue release helps increase blood flow, improve tissue elasticity, break down scar tissue and increase tissue permability helping the required nutrients get into the muscles and soft tissues.

If your legs are feeling tight and stiff from marathon training or your shoulders feel heavy from desk based work a sports massage can help resolve the issue.

60 Minute Sports Massage - £55

30 Minute Sports Massage £35

(Blocks of massage can be purchased at a discounted rate)


Tendon injuries have been notoriously longstanding issues that never seem to fully resolve. However over the last 4 years we have been treating patients with Shockwave Therapy and seen some fantastic results. Breaking the adhesions found within scar tissue, shockwave can eradicate tendon problems for good.

Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow, Achillies Tendon, Patella Tendon, Rotator cuff tendons and plantar fasciitis are just some of the conditions Shockwave can be used for.

Block of 6 Shockwave Sessions - £648

(45 minute sessions that include both Shockwave Therapy and Physiotherapy within the session)


​Suitable for injured runners or those looking to improve running style and performance


Initial 60 minute assessment + 30 minute follow up session (included in price)

Gait Analysis identifying strengths and weaknesses

Muscle Length Testing

Muscle Strength and Endurance Testing

Key Movement Analysis

Structured interactive individualised exercise program

Physiotherapy treatment direction as required



Our ski fit program consists of 6 x 30 minute sessions thats aim is to get you conditioned and fully ready for the slopes.

Sessions are individualised working on your particular areas of weakness or any previous injuries but will include power and strength training, stability work, proprioception and coordination training.


We utilise high specification kit to help including our vibration therapy resistance and ski-fitter that replicates the skiing motion.

The Skifit program is £120 for 6 Sessions 


With our bike fit service we combine looking at you from head to toe in a physiotherapist capacity and viewing how you move and then couple it with how you look on the bike. This gives us the best possible directions from which then to direct your treatment and get you back out cycling pain free. This is suitable for all types of cycling road, trail, MTB, BMX.

The session includes - Full Movment Analysis, Muscle length testing, Muscle Strength Testing, bike set up review, personalised treatment plan and exercise schedule, detailed feedback sheet.

BikeFit Assessment - £69

Vibration therapy

For the last 20 years Dave has been a leading therapist in the field of using vibration therapy, being one of the first physiotherapists in the UK to use vibration platforms in treatment. The last 3 years we have been exclusively using Hypervibe Vibration Platforms.

Many patients will say they have tried vibration therapy before most likely in the gym but the Hypervibe system offers a completely new way of utilising vibration. One of the main differences being Hypervibe plates are side alternating which makes them a lot more functional and comfortable.


Vibration therapy works through repeated involuntary muscle contractions these help to increase muscle strength, flexibility, stability it also helps increase blood circulation and muscle nutrient transfer. 

We utilise the machines in our rehabilitation gym, however we also rent out machines for home use (they connect easily to a smartphone to show you all the exercises you need) and if you love them as much as we do you can purchase home version machines from us.

Two weeks Hypervibe rental - £80

Home G10 Vibration plates - from £750

Home G14 Vibration plates - from £1400